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Medical Debt Archives

Relief from medical debt collectors more important than ever

It is hard to imagine a world where poor individuals can be sued for not having enough money. Sadly, that is the reality that some people must contend with today. Patients in Washington likely already understand the heavy burden that medical bills create, and for some, that burden is only exacerbated by an already stretched wallet. When creditors turn toward the courts to get more money, many people are desperate to find relief from medical debt collectors.

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Patients choose between life-saving care and medical debt

The rising cost of health care is a burden on the minds of most people in Washington, as even the healthiest patients struggle with insurance costs and co-payments. The situation can be even more dire for individuals who cannot afford to purchase their own health insurance but who are also not eligible for any type of Medicaid. These people often face dehumanizing choices, such as whether to seek necessary treatment and take on insurmountable medical debt or forego life-saving care.

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Medical debt a problem even for those with health insurance

The number of people in America living with crushing medical debt is staggering, with recent estimates putting 42 percent of individuals spending most or all of their personal savings on medical expenses. Experts point out that people in Washington tend to have financing options for many other areas in their lives, but that is not the case for medical debt. Bills related to medical care tend to create a much larger burden on consumers.

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Steep medical debt often inevitable for cancer patients

Cancer is one of the most devastating and ravaging diseases that a person can face, and the treatment process is often long and difficult with no guarantee of recovery. However, with the advent of modern technology and more tailored treatment regimens, many cancer victims do end up beating their disease and moving forward to live full, successful lives. And for that, most survivors in Washington are burdened with insurmountable medical debt.

Medical debt still an enormous problem for many Americans

Health care reform sought to increase medical coverage while simultaneously reducing costs, but there are some who question just how effective the new health care law has been. An out-of-state study examined medical debt and its ongoing role in bankruptcy filings. The results were perhaps anything but surprising for those who have experienced firsthand just how overwhelming medical bills can be.

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Billing errors can add thousands of dollars to medical debt

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says more than 50 percent of consumers' unpaid debt reflected on credit reports is medical debt. Washington consumers with overdue medical debt may be interested in learning that the National Consumer Law Center estimates that seven million consumers nationwide have been contacted by debt collection agencies over medical debt that turned out to be billing errors. The impact of overdue debts on a consumer's credit score can be devastating.

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For some patients, bankruptcy best option for medical debt relief

Medical debt continues to be one of the largest financial troubles that burden people in Washington. Most people remain in the dark and confused when it comes to figuring out what exactly their next medical bill will cost, and sadly, some even avoid seeking necessary medical care out of fear of taking on more debt. While predicting the cost of visiting the doctor is getting somewhat easier, medical debt relief is still often best accomplished through a successful bankruptcy filing.

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Mystery pricing systems contribute to medical debt

Virtually everyone in Washington understands the steep costs of medical care, but getting an exact number rather than a ballpark estimate can difficult. Medical debt is an enormous contributor to overwhelming financial burdens, and yet many patients are never told what the end cost will be for a procedure, treatment or visit with specialist. Without knowing what they will end up owing for necessary care, it can be surprisingly easy to fall into a seemingly endless pit of medical debt.

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Medical debt out of control? It may not be your fault

Even with health insurance, for many people, getting sick means plunging into a serious amount of debt. The required publication of health care and procedure costs that was implemented with the new health care law has shed light on one of the possible reasons why medical debt is continuing to skyrocket for patients in Washington and across the United States. Many for-profit hospitals charge patients much more than the standard Medicare reimbursement rate, placing an unnecessary burden on already at-risk patients.

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Significant number of Americans surprised by medical debt

Before making an appointment with a physician or scheduling a procedure, the first thing that most patients do is inquire if that institution accepts their health insurance. However, loopholes in health insurance rules can result in consumers being confronted by sky-high bills for procedures that they believed were covered. Unfortunately, medical debt can be tremendously difficult to conquer for Washington residents.

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