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Consumer debt out of control? We can provide the help you need

The devastating emotional impact of enormous amounts of debt tends to get overlooked. Far too often, the focus is instead placed on how a person managed to accrue that much debt without a clear plan to go forward and pay it back. This mentality completely overlooks the uncontrollable circumstances that tends to lead to high rates of consumer debt, such as medical emergencies, job losses and even deaths in the family. With the stress of these life events that are already fueling debt, harassing phone calls from creditors can only make things worse.

Creditor phone calls rarely come at convenient times. They often interrupt dinner, a child's baseball practice or even the morning rush to get out of the door and on the road to work. Although they might not make outright threats, creditors often warn debtors that their items will be repossessed or that they will suffer in other ways if they do not manage to begin making payments immediately. For some people in Washington, hiding from phone calls can become easier than listening to another creditor.

Perhaps one of the greatest emotional benefits of bankruptcy is the immediate halting of harassing phone calls. Long before a bankruptcy is finalized or debts are reviewed by a judge, a stay is immediately put into place that stops not only the phone calls, but also any and all attempts to collect payment. For some, this can provide an invaluable period of time where they can refocus their own emotions and tend to the problem at hand -- their debt.

It is mentally and physically tiring to live with a high amount of consumer debt. Bankruptcy might not be the single answer to addressing all of life's problems, but it is an extremely effective action against insurmountable debt that is causing strife in day-to-day life. We understand how difficult it can be to both live with that debt and to subsequently file for bankruptcy, which is why our firm has dedicated years of expertise to ensuring that all of our Washington clients have the best possible information made available to them.

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