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January 2016 Archives

Tori Spelling apparently headed toward bankruptcy

A number of people in Washington still hold on to the myth that bankruptcy is only something that other people need, and that is only necessary for those who do not want to succeed in life. Not only is this pervasive myth untrue, but it can easily be dispelled by considering the circumstances surrounding a person's life prior to them filing for bankruptcy. Actress Tori Spelling is a prime example of how the need for debt relief can arise in virtually anyone's life.

Credit card debt still rising in America

Credit card debt still carries a certain stigma, leading some in Washington to avoid seeking help when they desperately need it. Others might not feel stigmatized by credit card debt but, rather, by bankruptcy. Both of these conflicting feelings can result in further stress and burdens for those who need help with debt relief the most.

Steep medical debt often inevitable for cancer patients

Cancer is one of the most devastating and ravaging diseases that a person can face, and the treatment process is often long and difficult with no guarantee of recovery. However, with the advent of modern technology and more tailored treatment regimens, many cancer victims do end up beating their disease and moving forward to live full, successful lives. And for that, most survivors in Washington are burdened with insurmountable medical debt.

Filer successfully discharges student loans in bankruptcy

College is rarely seen as an option, and is instead is typically considered a necessity for anyone in Washington who hopes to obtain a successful and well-paying career. Unfortunately, a high salary as a result of a college degree might not actually go that far when there are mountains of student loans that must be repaid. Student loans are not exactly known for their ability to be discharged during bankruptcy, but one graduate recently joined the ranks of those who have succeeded in doing so.

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As average debt nears $130,000, debt relief can be necessary

As it grows, debt can be a ball and chain that prevents people in Washington from realizing their life's dreams and goals. Debt can range from credit card bills to unexpected invoices for medical care and even mortgages and car loans. While there is no magic debt relief formula that will work for every individual who is suffering under the burden of bills and creditor phone calls, bankruptcy is often a viable option for most people.

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