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November 2015 Archives

Litigation may stop creditor harassment for paid debts

When Washington consumers are overwhelmed by debt, the harassment by debt collectors is probably the last thing they need. Unfortunately, unpaid debts and creditor harassment go hand-in-hand, and consumers who are unable to settle those debts may benefit from gaining knowledge about the protection offered by personal bankruptcy. However, credit collectors sometimes make mistakes and try to collect debts that are not unpaid, in which cases, steps may be taken to stop creditor harassment.

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Bankruptcy at the right time may stop foreclosure

It is not uncommon for Washington consumers who are facing overwhelming debts to try all kinds of remedies before considering bankruptcy. Unfortunately, most other options take a long time before relief is achieved -- if at all -- by which time actions such as foreclosure, wage garnishments and repossession may have been launched. While filing for bankruptcy requires careful consideration, there are certain circumstances in which the advantages of bankruptcy outweigh any perceived disadvantages.

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Why you should consider bankruptcy for debt relief

Many Americans struggle with debt, but, for some, it can become a serious problem. Over time, unpaid balances can result in harassing calls from creditors, threats of repossession and foreclosure, as well as the stress of knowing that you simply cannot get ahead. If this sounds familiar to you as a Washington resident, it may be time to explore all available options for debt relief. 

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How to find legal help in Washington for bankruptcy issues

Many Washington families find themselves struggling through years of overwhelming debt and grave financial concerns due to any number of extenuating circumstances in their daily lives. Some are searching for a way to be free of all unsecured debt in an effort to start over and create financial stability anew. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim may provide the solution for those facing such circumstances.

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Working with a budget might avoid too much credit card debt

Some Washington consumers manage to live life comfortably without creating a budget. However, if circumstances change for the worse, living without a budget can be detrimental. Drawing up a budget is never an easy task and may only be successful if a thorough study is made of all money spent over the previous year. This must include all credit card debt and other expenses.

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