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September 2015 Archives

Smaller student loan holders could need more help for debt relief

Under the impression that smaller loans are far easier to handle than larger ones? This is not an uncommon thought process, and on the surface, it might even appear to make sense. Some Washington consumers might specifically take out a smaller loan to handle a large expense like college with the idea in mind that it will be easier to pay back. In reality, those smaller loans can actually be more difficult for a number of reasons, and they can lead debtors to seek help with necessary debt relief.

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Achieving debt relief possible for entrepreneurs with bankruptcy

By this point, a significant number of people understand the important and beneficial role that bankruptcy can play in achieving debt relief, but those benefits are not always as well understood by small business owners. When the economy tanked, entrepreneurs and small business owners were some of the hardest hit, and their need for debt relief rose to new and possibly unprecedented heights. However, financial problems and overwhelming debt is not isolated to times of economic crisis, and entrepreneurs struggling under the weight of debt can still benefit from bankruptcy.

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Can disciplined money management bring about debt relief?

Many consumers nationwide, including in Washington, have reached a stage in which they realize that their financial situation is not as stable as they would like it to be. In many cases, the debt load has become overwhelming, and remedies are considered. Cutting back on spending may provide debt relief, but it might not be a quick solution and will require a lot of self-discipline and control over an extended period.

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Bankruptcy is still a viable option for protecting your home

Before the housing bubble burst and the recession tanked the economy, bankruptcy was often regarded negatively in Washington. However, consumers and lenders alike are adjusting to the new environment where debt and inflation have ballooned, far outpacing most people's income. Now, filing for bankruptcy can be a viable and smart decision for those who are in over their head.

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