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Ready to stop the harassing calls? Consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy

For some, debt can creep up slowly, while for others, a single large emergency can plunge them into nearly unfathomable debt. We understand that most people want to pay back what they owe, but with creditors constantly harassing them for more and more payments, it can quickly become overwhelming. Unlike a Chapter 7 filing, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help people resolve their debt by creating a manageable payment plan.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a popular choice for those who may not otherwise qualify for a Chapter 7 filing. There is a higher income limit, and, typically, assets of higher values can be retained. For many people in Washington, this can help maintain a similar level of comfort that they enjoyed before having to file for bankruptcy.

Additionally, by creating an organized repayment plan, debtors can catch up on past payments for a vehicle or a house, potentially stopping foreclosure and repossession efforts. For those who have young children or live in an area that does not have access to public transportation, keeping the house or car can be of exceptional importance. This type of bankruptcy can also put a stop to any wage garnishment that is being used to pay back debt. 

Perhaps one of the most comforting aspects of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the stop to the seemingly endless stream of calls from creditors. With a payment plan that has been approved by a judge, creditors understand that they'll be repaid on a timescale that the debtor can afford and not based on what they're demanding. For many of our clients in Washington, we know that this may be all it takes to get their lives and their finances back on course.

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