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Probate Administration

Skilled Washington Probate Assistance

Serving Individuals and Families

If your loved one has died, you are going through a difficult, emotional time. For some people, the legal tasks of probate can be a source of added stress and concern, but it doesn't have to be that way.

I have extensive probate experience and have guided many personal representatives through the process. If you have been put in charge of wrapping up the affairs of an estate, don't hesitate to contact me at my offices in Lynnwood, Washington.

Taking You Through the Steps

While many people talk about probate as if it is something to be avoided at all costs, most estates in Washington state can be taken through probate relatively painlessly, especially with the help of experienced counsel.

I have helped many clients through the various stages of probate, including those that are subject to the supervision of the probate court. Major stages include:

  • Giving notice to all beneficiaries and interested parties
  • Selling assets if necessary (rarely needed)
  • Distributing assets to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Filing the federal estate tax return and state inheritance tax return, if necessary (most states do not require filing returns)

With my help, you can complete your probate responsibilities and close the estate with confidence that you have taken care of every relevant issue and tied up all loose ends. Contact me to get skilled estate administration assistance from an experienced probate attorney.

Understanding Probate Terms

If a person properly executes a will, that document normally names an executor (sometimes called an executrix when it is a woman) to wrap up the affairs of the deceased. When someone dies without a will, the probate court can appoint an administrator to fulfill the same role under the law of intestacy.

The term "personal representative" refers to either an executor or an administrator, their duties are the same. I have helped personal representatives through the estate administration process both with and without the guidance of a will.

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