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Attorney for Adoptive Parents

Serving Individuals and Families in Snohomish and King Counties

Adoption allows children to obtain the care and support of those who have the willingness and ability to serve as their parents. It is an important area of family law, and one in which I practice on a regular basis.

Contact me to discuss the legal process for adoptions and how I can assist you in using this process to enhance your family. I will explain all of your options and what you can expect as you go through each step toward adoption.

Seeking Parental Rights for My Clients

In the legal realm, adoption is the process by which the parental rights of a child's natural parents are terminated and transferred to new parents. A person or couple may seek to adopt a child for any number of reasons.

I have experience helping clients bring new children into their homes by guiding them through every stage of the process of private adoption, in which a child has been voluntarily given up for adoption.

I have also helped stepparents and other individuals who are already in a caregiving relationship with a child to adopt the child. This process gives the child and the person acting as that child's parent important legal rights and responsibilities.

If you are looking forward to becoming an adoptive parent, contact me to get the counsel and support of an experienced Lynnwood, Washington, adoption lawyer.

Adopting Children out of the Juvenile System

When a child's natural parents are no longer willing or able to care for that child, the state may bring a juvenile dependency action. This may result in the child being placed in a foster home or state institution.

Parents seeking to adopt a child who is the subject of a juvenile dependency action must follow a special procedure that is different from a standard adoption. I have experience with these adoptions and can help you pursue a positive outcome for your family.

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