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Richard Shurtz has earned an enviable record of favorable resolutions on behalf of our clients. We take great pride in our reputation as persuasive negotiators.

Family Law
Divorce and Separations
Child Custody
Child Support
Emergency Orders
Domestic Partnership Dissolution
Estate Planning and Probate
Business Formation

Family Law - When you hire Richard Shurtz to protect your interests, you can be confident a solution to your problem is at hand. He is here to listen, provide knowledgeable legal advice, and to offer effective help in these often distressing personal situations. Richard Shurtz is a persuasive negotiator and strives to reach a just and fair agreement between his clients and their spouse whenever possible. If an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, Richard Shurtz will vigorously pursue and protect your rights in court.

Some of the broad range of Family Law problems we handle are:

  • Child Custody And Visitation
  • Grandparents' Rights
  • Father's Rights
  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Property Division
  • Alimony
  • Child Support and Enforcement
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Paternity
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Termination Of Parental Rights
  • Restraining Order Defense, Emergency and Temporary Protection From Abuse Orders
  • Modifications of Agreements and Orders

Richard Shurtz has expertise in handling complex marital dissolution proceedings involving child custody and financial support matters, substantial estates, complex tax aspects, and challenging legal issues.

Our firm stands ready to help with any of these needs, with consideration given both to the emotional and to the financial aspects of your situation. Let Richard Shurtz help you with these confidential matters.

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Divorce and Separations - Recognizing the emotional trauma involved in any marital dissolution, you will find Richard Shurtz to be understanding and compassionate while efficient and aggressive. He works closely with his clients to ensure that they receive a fair, final and equitable settlement or award from the Court without undue delay.

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Child Custody - Richard Shurtz appreciates and recognizes the effects of divorce on children and the problems associated with the breakdown of a marriage. He thoroughly investigates and analyzes the financial and special needs of the children to ensure that their best interests are protected and, if necessary, litigated before the Washington Family Court.

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Child Support - From the initial step of separation to the age of majority, the children must be supported according to Washington child support guidelines. Richard Shurtz thoroughly investigates and evaluates the finances of the family and the needs of the children to determine the proper amount of child support due pursuant to Washington Law. He then relentlessly advocates those needs and requirements before the Court to minimize the negative impact upon the children of the broken marriage to every possible extent.

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Emergency Orders - Richard Shurtz is available for all emergency situations involving domestic relations matters such as Temporary Relief from Abuse, Emergency Orders for Support, Temporary Restraining Orders and any judicial relief that requires immediate intervention.

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Domestic Partnership Dissolution - Richard Shurtz stays on top of the evolution of laws affecting civil union and domestic partnership dissolution. Recent Washington Supreme Court decisions dramatically affect the rights and obligations of parties to a domestic partnership. Richard Shurtz counsels, represents and advises parties to a domestic partnership prior to, during, and upon dissolution of the relationship.

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Adoption - Adoption laws in Washington are complex and require guidance from an experienced attorney. Richard Shurtz has handled adoptions for many years. In addition to becoming a parent, adoption also places many legal and financial responsibilities upon new families and new parents. Let us advise you fully on the requirements and legal effects of your prospective adoption.

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Bankruptcy - Richard Shurtz works with clients who are faced with the difficult decision of declaring Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Bankruptcy. We know that with this decision comes a host of questions ranging from how the Bankruptcy will affect your credit rating to how it will affect your future creditworthiness. We can answer all of your questions while we help you successfully navigate down the path to financial recovery. If you have been receiving threatening letters and telephone calls -- if you are being threatened with foreclosure or repossession of your assets, let Richard Shurtz help. We can stop the phone calls, help you avoid those disasters and get the new start you need.

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Estate Planning and Probate - Richard Shurtz has substantial experience in planning for the distribution of a person's property at his/her death - Estate Planning, and includes preparing wills and trusts. We take into consideration taxes, insurance, and property so as to gain the maximum benefit of all laws and, at the same time, carry out your wishes. It's important to know that writing a will doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. And once it's done, you can rest a little easier, knowing that your wishes will be followed after your death. We also handle Guardianships, Medicaid issues, Medical Directives, and Durable Powers of Attorney.

Probate is the court proceeding through which a will is proved to be valid and the property of the deceased is administered. The process includes collecting the deceased's assets, paying their bills, paying necessary taxes, and distribution of property to their heirs. Richard Shurtz will help you plan your estate or administer the estate of a deceased family member.

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Business Formation -The form of entity selected for the conduct of a business greatly impacts the daily operations of the business and the income tax consequences to both the business and its owners. Richard Shurtz assists clients with this step of business formation by reviewing the goals and individual facts present in each situation to recommend the best entity-selecting from limited/general partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations, and the different elections or options available under each. The services involved here extend from the initial conference and decision-making, through document preparation and filing with appropriate authorities, to post-formation activities such as preparation and adoption of bylaws and director/shareholder resolutions.

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Richard J. Shurtz
Attorney At Law

7017 196th Street, SW · Lynnwood, Washington 98036
Tel: (425) 670-6551 · Fax: (425) 778-2274

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Richard J. Shurtz
Attorney At Law
7017 196th Street, SW
Lynnwood, Washington 98036
Tel: (425) 670-6551 · Fax: (425) 778-2274

Lynwood, Washington lawyer, Richard J. Shurtz proudly serves King and Snohomish Counties, including Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood, and Mountlake Terrace with estate planning and probate, guardianship, family law, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, bankruptcy, and business formation needs.

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